#5 Morning Start-Up



             John 3:18



Morning Start-Up
When I look back on my past it is easy to remember all the things I did wrong. Things I could have been condemned for. I often have failed to live up to my own expectations and best intentions let alone God’s expectations of me. Having discovered new-life through the Salvation Army Bridge Programme I was able to accept God’s forgiveness of my past mistakes and failures. I learned to live each day in the knowledge that He does not condemn me. His forgiveness  replaces my condemnation.

My faith in God and His forgiveness of my sins gives me a sense of freedom. Before I accepted Jesus as my One True Higher Power I always felt guilty. I believed that sooner or later my past would catch up with me and I would have to pay for the wrongs I had committed. Now that I live my life in relationship with Him I know my guilt has been taken away. My peace of mind and heart depends on me walking each day with Him. I am safe in God’s forgiveness because of Him.

It is imperative in my daily life to accept the Bible as the inspired Word of God. To take to heart His promises for me and live relieved of my condemnation Romans 8:1 

I thank God that my past sins are washed away by the blood of Jesus Christ. I pray that He will always keep me in His love and free from condemnation.


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