#2312 Mentoring

Every man should seek to have three individuals in his life: a Paul, a Barnabas, and a Timothy.

A Paul is an older man who is willing to mentor you, to build into your life. Not someone who’s smarter or more gifted than you, but somebody who’s been down the road. Somebody willing to share his strengths and weaknesses—everything he’s learned in the laboratory of life. Somebody whose faith you’ll want to imitate. A Barnabas is a soul brother, somebody who loves you but is not impressed by you. Somebody to whom you can be accountable. Somebody who’s willing to keep you honest, who’s willing to say, “Hey, man, you’re neglecting your wife, and don’t give me any guff!” A Timothy is a younger man into whose life you are building. For a model, read 1 and 2 Timothy. Here was Paul, the quintessential mentor, building into the life of his protege—affirming, encouraging, teaching, correcting, directing, praying. Do you have these three guys in your life? Howard Hendricks

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  1. May God help us all.

    Have a Paul. Your Mentor as unto the Lord.

    Have a Barnabas. Your counselor. One who can call you to order when you go wrong. One who encourages you when you do the right.

    Have a Timothy. Remember, “the young shall grow”. Have someone who can take after you. Encourage them, as a Barnabas. Mentor them, as a Paul!

    Thanks, Howard.

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