#6 Morning Start-Up


John 7:12-13




Some people have trouble believing we have really changed. I know for my family it took time. Because I had entered rehab previously (a couple of times) and failed. This can be frustrating and can make us feel angry. But we need to remember that our old lifestyle affected other people deeply. When I was drinking and using drugs I am sure it brought unhappiness into the lives of those who loved me. Over my drinking career, I reckon I stayed with every member of my family in their homes in an attempt to help me stop. It never worked. I would promise to change. And, sometimes for a period, I did but I always reverted to my old ways. It was only when I turned my life over to God that I was able to experience real, lasting life-transformation.

God’s opinion of me is the most important thing in my life. I want to please an audience of One! I want my life to be a witness of His saving grace and His power to change individuals like me. Having been reborn spiritually, I want to grow spiritually day by day until I reach spiritual maturity in His eyes. Only as I lean on Him can others depend on me.

Jesus Christ was misunderstood and misread. He was not only a perfect man, but He was also a perfect God. He was incarnate goodness and if we choose to allow Him to be our One True Higher Power we will aspire to be like Him.

Self-effort avails us nothing. We can only obtain true spiritual maturity through receiving the Holy  Spirit into our lives and following His leading.

I pray that I will not pay too much attention to other people’s opinions of me, but look to God for His approval. I pray that Ge will make me dependable so others can regain their trust in me.


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