Hebrews 4:1 God’s promise of enjoying his rest still stands. So be careful that none of you fails to receive it.

Through many years in recovery, attending many meetings and many events I am aware of how lucky I am. I am also conscious of the fact that ‘Most people don’t wait around long enough for the miracle to happen.’

Rest in recovery is important to balance in life. We live in a busy world. There is always plenty going on. My experience of being in recovery is when people hear where you have come from, what happened and where you are now they want you to come and share it. My advice to everyone in recovery, especially early in recovery is set boundaries on that.

God has given us rest, so we can rest not so we can respond to everyone’s desires to have others hear our story.

or most of my recovery life I have limited where and when I share my recovery experience. I do that because I believe God shows me where and when to speak.


Prayer: God help me to stay balanced in my recovery.

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