New Life

1 Peter 1:4 He has given us new birth so that we might share in what belongs to him. This is a gift that can never be destroyed. It can never spoil or even fade away. It is kept in heaven for you.

New life for me began whilst I was on the Bridge Program. After asking Jesus to become my Higher Power I got involved in a ‘Bible Study Group’ that were studying ‘The Navigators’ Bible Study Series. That series was my introduction to the Christian way of living and it helped me to change.

I believe that series prepared me for step four and I would advise anyone in recovery, at the step three stage to get involved in a good ‘Bible Study Group’ Not only do you learn a lot but they are a great support as you begin the process of taking a good look at yourself and what you need to change to live right.

For most of us, Bible Study will be a foreign concept. Can I suggest, if you haven’t already got a Bible to get one and start by reading the book of John.


Prayer: Lord, thank You for giving me another chance at change

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