He Watches Over Us

1 Peter 2:25 “You were like sheep wandering away.” But now you have returned to the Shepherd. He is the one who watches over your souls.

We can place our soul under the protection of Jesus. He is our Shepherd and He protects us from harm. That doesn’t mean nothing bad can happen to you. It does mean He [Jesus] will not let it destroy you. We live in a broken world, but with God on our side, we don’t have to stay broken.

Placing my life under God’s protection was difficult for me. Trusting Him as a Father was not easy.

Very early in my life, my parents broke up. That was a very confusing time in my life for me. One minute I was staying with Mum, Dad my elder sister and my younger brother, the next I was staying with Dad and my younger brother. Then my Mum, Stepfather, elder sister, younger brother and two new younger brothers. Recovery for me was the fresh start I needed to concentrate on me.



Prayer: Thank You God for new life and the opportunity to be different.

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