Open Our Eyes

Mark 8:17 Jesus overheard and said, “Don’t you see the point of all this? Don’t you get it at all?”

Many of us for a long time failed to admit we had a problem. We closed our eyes to the truth. We did not want to face the sad fact of being dependent on substances outside of our control. Recovery as an ongoing process relies on us opening our eyes. Realising and admitting that on our own we cannot achieve or maintain a balanced life.

Have we opened our eyes to our need ‘to see Jesus’ as our One True Higher Power? To take responsiblity and do something about changing the effect of our past on today? God is offering us all A Way Out. It is through relationship with Him via The Holy Spirit. The Holy Spirit left to walk with us by Jesus. We need to rid ourselves of the past and the way to do that is by opening our eyes, facing the truth and being open to His divine presence in and through our lives

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