Moral Inventory

For the next three years, Bill Wilson pursued his recovery through the Oxford Group, which emphasized the following:

1. Complete deflation (of false pride)
2. Dependence on and guidance from God
3. Moral inventory
4. Confession Restitution
5. Continued work with other suffering persons

This week at ‘Celebrate Recovery’ we looked at ‘Step Four’ and what it means to take a ‘MORAL INVENTORY’

John 2:9  says “Suppose someone claims to be in the light but hates his brother or sister. Then he is still in the darkness.”

Not everyone you meet on the journey of recovery is on the right path. In the Bible hatred and love as moral qualities are not primary emotions. They are attitudes expressed by our actions. In recovery knowing who’s on the right path is expressed in how they live, not what they say.

Recovery means more than just knowing the process. It means putting the process into daily living.


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