Encourage Each Other

2 Corinthians 1:4 tells us that God comforts us in all our troubles so that we can comfort others with the same comfort He has shown us.

At Narre Warren Baptist Church over the last few weeks we have been looking at a series called ‘Version 2.0’ and a number of people have been sharing their stories pre Jesus and post Jesus. I can’t help when thinking about this series of The Big Book of Alcoholics Anonymous where it says “our stories disclose in a general way, what we used to be like, what happened and what we are like now.” My son Duncan said to me after one service “You could do a 2.0 Dad.”

As I sat alone with the Holy Spirit this week I thought about ‘version 1.0’ A teenage boy, caught up in a life of dependency on alcohol and drugs. A life of following the crowd to fit in and feel ‘normal’ A boy who knew nothing about life and living and tried to learn about it through the worlds values and the expectations of other people.

I am in the process at the moment of trying to put on paper my views on recovery according to what God has done in and through my life. I have discovered I have ‘recovery overkill’ By that what I mean is over the 30+ years I have been in recovery I have been part of so many different ‘recovery fellowships’ All of which think their way is the right way when it comes to Living Life Recovery. And whilst I have to admit each and everyone has good and bad ideas about recovery I don’t think recovery has anything to do with how you do it. There is no one size fits all in recovery. Living Life Recovery to me is about getting into deep, personal intimate relationship wth the Holy Spirit, learning from Him and doing what He tells you to do.

The scripture above speaks to me in that I know in my Spiritual Walk He has walked with me. Shown me the way when I got lost and equipped me to be me. Not the teenage boy who tried to be what the world told me to be but the real me. His child, loved by Him unconditionally, even when I get it wrong.

Version 2.0 for me commenced alone in a rehab in 1989 where I was confronted by Jesus Christ, who said to me “You don’t need to live like this anymore follow Me and I will lead you” From that day to this day I have achieved nothing and yet I have gained everything. It’s all His doing. The only sensible things I have done from that day to this is not pick up a drink ‘One Day at a Time.’ And followed where He has led me.

One of my favourite verses in the Bible is John 16:33 (NirV) In it Jesus says “in this world you will have trouble. But CHEER UP! I have won the battle over the world.”

If you are in recovery, in need of recovery or suffering the negative effects of your life problems I want to offer you encouragement by telling you the God of comfort can and will rescue you, even if it looks like you are doomed to failure. All you need to do is STOP! take time to talk to Him and listen when He speaks to you. He knows the right Way for you to move forward from where you are now if you will just put your trust in Him, on His terms, not yours.

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