Tough Decisions

Psalms 25:8 The Lord is honest and good. He teaches sinners to walk in his ways.

Lying in the process of recovery destroys our integrity.

A number of years ago I worked for The Salvation Army’s Family Stores, now Salvo Stores and the Territorial Director retired. The new Territorial Director suggested to me I was in the wrong job. A job I had been in for many years. He said to me “I don’t want to lose you so I want you to write a new Job description for yourself.” I was devastated. Because I believed then and still believe I was in a God-called position in my life. The result of that conversation was that after eighteen years working for Family Stores I resigned.

The reason I resigned was that I believed and still believe what I was being asked to do in the company went against God’s integrity.

  • What tough decisions is God asking you to make?


Prayer: Lord help me to make the tough decisions I need to make

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