Simply Trusting Every Day

Recovery is a fresh start to a new life where God is in charge and we are not. Our sinful habits and attitudes are taken away through simply trusting every day.

A song that comes to mind right now as I write these words says:

Simply trusting every day.
Trusting through a stormy way,
Even when my faith is small,
Trusting Jesus, that is all.

For me, that is what recovery is all about – TRUSTING JESUS. He has all the power. He has all the understanding and wisdom and He is my Higher Power, Trusting Him every day in my life requires all the courage I can muster. It requires I put my complete confidence in Him and it requires my patience to wait on Him when He says “Not Yet!”

 ­Do you trust Jesus and are you willing to wait on Him?


Prayer: God help me to simply trust even when my faith is small

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