Morning Harmony #14

“Aiming To Be”

John 7:12 Some were saying, “He’s a good man.”

Some people have trouble believing we have really changed. While this may frustrate us and make us angry, we need to remember how our old lifestyle affected them. When drinking and using we brought a great deal of unhappiness into the lives of those we love most. How often did we promise to change our ways and failed? It was only when we turned our lives over to God, we were able to experience the real and lasting change we longed for.

God’s opinion of me us the most important thing in my life. I want to gain His approval more than anything else in this world. I want my life to be a witness of His power to change people like me. I want my life to have stability and consistency. As I lean on God, I want others to be able to count on me.

Fools care nothing for thoughtful discourse; all they do is run off at the mouth. Proverbs 18:2

  • No progress can be made in listening to people who like to hear themselves talk

If we claim that we experience a shared life with him and continue to stumble around in the dark, we’re obviously lying through our teeth–we’re not living what we claim. 1 John 1:6

  • We must put aside our sinful ways of living. To claim that we belong to Him.

It’s impossible to please God apart from faith. And why? Because anyone who wants to approach God must believe both that he exists and that he cares enough to respond to those who seek him. Hebrews 11:6

  • Believing that God exists is only the beginning. God will not settle for mere acknowledgment of His existence. He wants faith that leads to a personal, dynamic relationship with Him

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Prayer: I pray that I may not pay too much attention to other people’s opinions of me but look to God for His approval. I pray that God will make me dependable so other people can regain trust in me.

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