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Do the Right Thing

Psalm 71:2 You do what is right, so save me and help me. Pay attention to me and save me.

A song I learned in recovery that means so much to me on this journey of life says “ I want to live right that God may use me at any time and anywhere.”How do you learn to live right? Learn and apply the steps to your life. Attend meetings on a regular basis. Start attending Church on a regular basis and getting involved. Read the Bible and Pray! If you are a person in recovery, recovery must come first in your life or nothing else matters

Hosea 14:9 says “The paths of the Lord are true and right, and good men walk along them.” Living right and doing the right thing go hand in hand. When God forgives us, He judges our sin but shows mercy to the sinner. We should never be afraid to come to God for a clean slate and a renewed life. Making a decision to let God help us change the errors of our past and committing to working with Him to do so are the right things to do as we move forward in the process of Living Life Recovery.

  • How important is your recovery?
  • Do you make it a priority in your life

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Prayer: God help me to put recovery first in my life.

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