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Let God Lead

Psalms 16:8 I know that the Lord is always with me. He is at my right hand. I will always be secure.

Awareness of God’s presence in my life changed how I acted. Most people have heard the question ‘What would Jesus do?’ I think a better question is – What would Jesus want me to do.

The world we live in today is a lot different to the world Jesus lived in. I believe if Jesus was alive today He would do things differently than He did when He was on earth. He wouldn’t sin and He wouldn’t break the law. He would still teat people with unconditional love and He would always point them in the direction of what was best for their spiritual welfare. I also believe God is present in all of our lives all of the time so we in this process of recovery need to learn how to listen and relate to His guidance of us.

How does God reveal Himself to you in your life?

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Prayer: God lead me and show me how to live the way You want me to live.

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