Morning Harmony #109

Spending Power

“I readily admit that the Jews are impressively energetic regarding God—but they are doing everything exactly backwards.”  Romans 10:2

Thought For Today

Following on from yesterday the one thing Robinson Crusoe found useless while stranded on an island was money. We all need some to survive, it gives us spending power. Where we direct our money is important.

Meditation For Today

We are really stewards of money. Money is nothing in its self. It is currency as it is kept moving, a symbol of service rendered. Money should not be equated to wealth. The world has scores of poor people who are rich, and lots of rich people who are poor.

The main thing we need to remember today is the call to wise management of our money. We shall not benefit from spending it on alcohol or drugs. As we follow God’s lead in our lives it has to be in yieldedness of everything, including money. God can make better use of all we have And make it go further if we give our all to Him. Is our spending power really ours?

Prayer For Today

Lord forgive me for wasting what You give me. Help me to surrender to Your will and use what You give me wisely.

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