Day: 17 May 2020

Don’t Judge Others

My friends, if someone is caught in any kind of wrongdoing, those of you who are spiritual should set him right; but you must do it in a gentle way. And keep an eye on yourselves, so that you will not be tempted, too. Help carry one another’s burdens, and in this way you will obey the law of Christ. Galatians 6:1-2

The Bible is clear ‘we should never think we have it all together and don’t need help.’ Neither should we think in recovery ‘our way is the only way.’ God has a plan for each of us. He reveals himself to us all in different ways. What works for one person doesn’t necessarily work for others. The important part of this verse to me, right now is the part tat says “keep an eye on yourselves” Recovery is about working together with God and with others for our common good. It states later in this scripture Galatians 6:4  Let everyone be sure that he is doing his very best, for then he will have the personal satisfaction of work well done and won’t need to compare himself with someone else.

People make comparisons for many reasons. Some are happier to point out the mistakes of others in order to boost their own egos. Don’t be like that! EGO stands for ‘Edging God Out.’

As we move forward in the recovery process and grow spiritually we need to remember God is dealing with us all, individually. One of the greatest throw away lines I have heard in a Christian message (and I’ve heard a lot) was Pastor TD Jakes. I can’t even remember what the message was, but what he said was “What if God wants to do something totally different? And He wants to do it through you.”


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Are You In Recovery?

Someone may say, “I am a Christian; I am on my way to heaven; I belong to Christ.” But if he doesn’t do what Christ tells him to, he is a liar. But those who do what Christ tells them to will learn to love God more and more. That is the way to know whether or not you are a Christian. Anyone who says he is a Christian should live as Christ did. 1 John 2:4-6

In the same way anyone who says “I am in recovery” and doesn’t do what God tells them to do (through prayer, meditation and reading the Bible I have never failed to discern God’s will for my life) is not in recovery. The may be abstaining from their drug of choice. They may even be living a cleaner, more productive life but unless they are doing what God has determined to be His will for their lives they are not in recovery.