Thought For Today

Complaining is a common infection. It is easy to join the crowd. Mass complaint sometimes causes decisions to be revoked or changed. In Nehemiah 4:10  Some of the leaders began complaining that the workmen were becoming tired; and there was so much rubble to be removed that we could never get it done by ourselves. Nothing was right, their situation was grim, the felt flawed. Nehemiah 4:14 says “Don’t be afraid! Remember the Lord who is great and glorious; fight for your friends, your families, and your homes!” That is how we need to respond when all seems hopeless in our lives. The Lord is great ant glorious.”

It is the commonplace that often corners us. Doing the same thing over and over expecting different results (insanity) A question we need to ask ourselves as we travel the road to recovery is “how am I going to cope with the commonplace?” A challenge to live an ordinary life in out-of-the-ordinary circumstances. It is wise to note that things around us, trees, birds, flowers, the sun, the moon, the starts diffuse beauty and color radiantly. It is the common behind the scene cables, wires, nuts, bolts, machinery, and equipment that are the sustaining power of modern-day commercial properties.

Don’t choose remoteness, or prefer the company of critics. This corners us. Prepare yourself for the task ahead. It may not seem spectacular or elaborate, but it can be effective. If it seems out-of-sight remember you are never out of the sight of God. He is watching you and watching over you and He knows there is nothing commonplace about what you are achieving through the process of recovery with His help.

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