Morning Harmony

There are a lot of people around who can’t wait to tell you what you’ve done wrong, but there aren’t many fathers willing to take the time and effort to help you grow up. It was as Jesus helped me proclaim God’s Message to you that I became your father. 1 Corinthians 4:15

As I prepare this morning for ‘Fathers Day’ in 2020 I took time to remember my Fathers. I say Fathers because as well as my Birth-Father I had a Step-Father and I have a Holy Father. My Dad and my Mum separated when I was young and now at 57 years old I realize it had a bigger effect on me than I thought it did. My Step-Father was a violent drunk with whom I did not have a good relationship as I grew up and lived my life in rebellion.

As I woke, rose and thought about my life growing up and the influence I thank God for my three children and the opportunity He has afforded me to be a better influence on them than my Father and Step-Father were on me. When I opened my Bible I read tie verse above. Of Paul calling attention to his special role as the Corinthians’ spiritual father. Appealing to his relationship with them. By father, he meant because he started the church, he could be trusted to have its best interests at heart. Paul’s tough words were motivated by love—like the love a good father has for his children.

Today on this Father’s Day 2020 my hope and my prayer is that I too have been a good influence on my three children Duncan, Mitchell and Ashleigh. I also hope and pray I have been a good example and influence to the many people God has brought me into contact with over my ‘Spiritual Journey of Recovery’


Take time and effort to ‘help’ those that God had put in your ‘Sphere of influence’ GROW UP

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