Thought For Today

There is no such thing as a ‘Secular 12 Step Group’ In all 12 Step groups there are unbelievers just as there are in all churches. The Twelve Steps are biblical. Each step reflecting the spiritual principles of the Bible. The Higher Power source in the Twelve Steps is none other than Jesus Christ.

Unfortunately, over many years churchgoers have balked at the Twelve Steps. Believing they were just for people with addictions. The purpose of Living Life Recovery has always been and always will be to introduce people to the promises of God for their lives, achieved through learning and applying ‘The Twelve Steps’ and allowing God through the application of the steps to lead them to a ‘life-changing experience‘ that pleases Him.

Over the next few weeks, starting from Monday 21st September, 2020 I would like to share The 4o Days of recovery.’ An introduction to spiritual living through learning and applying The Twelve Steps to our lives.

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