The God of Today

The Lord your God will fight alongside you and help you win the battle.
Deuteronomy 20:4

Anything we engage in is worthy of a good start. If we start well there is a better chance of success. Each day if we get off to a good start there is a better chance of it being productive and worthwhile. The Word of the Lord came to the men of Israel with real meaning. God was on their side and He was willing and able to help them. We too can depend on Him, to help us and support us. This is to be counted in our lives as worth more than anything else.. It can become our fortress and our strength. Dismissing the idea of engaging God in recovery comes at our own peril.

But there is a catch! None of us should make a convenience of God’s help. Nor can we throw aside His restraints or disregard His safeguard and still expect Him to rescue us. Starting each day in His presence, in communication with Him capitalizes His will, commandments, and commitment to assisting us in each area of our day as we walk with Him. When we do God can work in us, through us, and for us in the recovery process.

Take time today to spend with Him. Allow Him to influence your life. There is nothing like commencing each day assured of His involvement no matter what happens.

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