Don’t Get Lazy

Luke 14:33 You must give up everything you have. If you don’t, you can’t be my disciple.”

May we seek to be disciples, and be careful not to grow lazy in our recovery, or afraid to acknowledge and follow Jesus so those around us w ill seek personal relationship with Him.

Letting go of bad habits requires replacing them with good habits. God promises us a better life through relationship with Him. It is a choice to change and to start living according to His Word and His will or to keep our hold habits and no experience all He has in store for us. Living a new life requires driving out our old sinful thoughts and practices to make room for new ones.

Are you willing to give up all your old habits, thoughts
and practices and to replace them with good ones?

Prayer: Lord help me to day. Show me how to change my old ways of acting and reacting and help me to live as You want me to live.

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