Website Changes

Hi All,

Thank you for your support in the last ten years. Some of you will have noticed I have not been posting as regularly to this blog as I have previously. And, from the few changes, I have made in the last week or so this site is changing. Over the next, you will see more as I develop this site to all I believe God has been showing me over the last month, and want to have it by the start of 2021.

The purpose of this website in the past has been 12 Step Recovery. Through prayer, meditation, and the intervention of the Holy Spirit I am convinced (as I have been for many years) At some point we all outgrow the Twelve Steps and must make a decision to either follow or reject Jesus Christ as our Saviour and One True Higher Power.

When we decide to make that conscious decision I also feel it is time to discover and implement God’s purpose for our lives. To that end (again in communication with the Holy Spirit) I am in the process of changing this blog to reflect my experience, strength and hope in my everyday living.

The purpose of the post is request prayer support that God over these next two months will reveal to me how the blog should look, what the focus will be and who the target audience is.

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