Welcome To Living Life Recovery 2021

At the start of 2021 I want to share an interview I did with Clayton Bjelan on 89.9 the light in 2016. 

Clayton writes Archie Boyle went from being what many thought was a lost cause as an alcoholic, to now decades of work helping people recover from their addictions!

In 2021 I want to focus a lot more on audio and video recovery messages. Firstly, because at the moment in my daily life I don’t always have the time or the inclination to spend a lot of time typing. Secondly, because I often remember my Mum saying to me growing up “you have a good Scots tongue in your mouth why don’t you use it?” Thirdly because I believe God has gifted me in communication with others suffering from the negative effects of addictions in their own lives or the lives of their loved ones and friends.

Over the years I have been on my recovery journey (even though I have led many recovery groups and shared my experience, strength, and hope in my formats) I tend to hold back on sharing until I have assessed situations and deemed them safe to share in.

So this year I want to focus more on audio than anything else. (will it happen?) who knows but I am praying God creates opportunities through podcasting to reach those He wants me to reach, to help them to acknowledge Him as their ‘One True Higher Power.‘ Put their faith and trust in Him and become all He is calling them to be,

Thanks Clayton Bjelan and LightFM

Join me on sound cloud https://tinyurl.com/yaby2vrz

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