Thank you, Major H

I wanted to share this link to say a big thank you to Major John Henderson. without your input I would no be the man I am today.

He was the Superintendent of the Salvation Army Bridge Programme when I arrived there in 1989. He introduced to Charitble Recycling when I completed the Bridge Programme. Employed me as the Assistant Manager at Red Shield Industries in Mount Barker, South Australia. Moved me to Gepps Cross Red Shield Industries as Assistant Manager. Later appointing me as Red Shield Industries Manager. On his appoinntment to Melbourne as the director of Family Stores I was appointed first as the State Manager of The Salvation Army Family (this picture was taken in the dining room at Gepps Cross when he and Lillian dedicated my eldest son Duncan)

Following the completion of The Bridge Programme, he became my mentor and friend. We shared many challenging and exciting events together. (I could write a book just on the things we shared together) He taught me by example what it meant to live your life for Jesus. And I too want to say Thank you Jack!

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