A Peaceful Heart

1 John 3:22 He will give us anything we ask. That’s because we obey his commands. We do what pleases him.

Everything has a price. The price of God helping us to change our bad habits and attitudes is our obedience to Him.

Obedience to God leads to peace beyond our understanding. That doesn’t mean our lives will be trouble-free. It does mean through Him we have new ways of dealing with the problems that don’t cause us stress.

It’s good in recovery to take time to remember where we came from. Remember the crisis and stress we lived in before God gave us His peace, It is also good to remember to thank Him for where He is taking us through our obedience to Him.

  • As your habits and attitudes change through the process of recovery is there more peace in your heart?

Prayer: Lord give me peace and help me to be patient through the process of recovery as I wait on You

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