My Home, My Saviour, My God

Psalms 73:28  I’m in the very presence of God— oh, how refreshing it is! I’ve made Lord God my home. God, I’m telling the world what you do!

STEP THREE: I am making a decision to let God help me change and commit to working with Him to do so.

When we pray to God and He responds it increases our consciousness of His presence in our lives. Awareness of His presence helps us to understand and appreciate His purpose for our lives. Doubt in our lives is the power to see the negative things that exist in our characcter without putting our faith in our all-knowing, all caring, and all-powerful Higher Power Jesus Christ,

Through admitting there is room in our lives for doubt can be a powerful driver in our faith that God can and will change our lives if we commit to Him and put our faith in Him.

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