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God’s Got You!

He said to him, “Get up. On your way. Your faith has healed and saved you.” Luke 17:19

Let us give thanks for the renewal of faith. Many of us knew something of Christian influence in our early days. But we deserted it, and chose to go our own way. At some point as we go through the recovery process we come to the realisation of the importance of God. We begin to grasp hold of His helping hand. He is nearer to us because our sense of up reach is effectively activated. We seek Him with all of our heart. Our enrolment in the school of faith requiring daily attention to simple exercises in educational, spiritual learning.

God communicates through His Word, advising, counselling, teaching. Nourishing our faith and feeding our innermost needs. Sharing our experience, strength and hope with someone else has now become strangely rewarding, and a part of our daily walk of faith.

Let’s remain in the light as God breaks through, revealing himself in love, in mercy and in power. It is easy to heave a sight of Gods love and purpose for us, and then withdraw, or runaway. A sip of living water is not going to fix our defective characters. To quickly people in recovery squander God-given opportunities. Seeking the easier, softer way.

Today I want to encourage all reading this to ‘keep moving forward’ God has got you, He will not drop you. In fact, if you put your faith in Him, seek to find and to do His will in your life you will not believe what He has in store for you.

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