There is Power in the name of Jesus

Psalms 29:11 God makes his people STRONG. God gives his people PEACE.

In Psalm 29 we are reminded of God’s great power. His majesty is greater than words can describe. He knows and loves each if us unconditionally He knows our problems and issues, our weaknesses and our strengths. And yet He is willing and enable to help each of us. Making us strong enough to deal with all life will throw at us and giving us peace to understand and accept there is nothing that will ever happen to us He will not equip us to face and overcome when we put our faith in Him.

*When we accept we are powerless and need help we are in a great place of opportunity if we are willing to turn our problems and issues over to God.

* When we are willing to put ourselves in His hands our success in overcoming will be defined by His power. And, that will give us peace.

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  1. There is power in the name of Jesus indeed👐

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