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2022| Thought for Today | Day Forty-Three

Ezekiel 11:19 I will give my people hearts that are completely committed to me. I will give them a new spirit that is faithful to me. I will remove their stubborn hearts from them. And I will give them hearts that obey me.

God could have offered us nothing more startling, exciting, and far-reaching y=than His announcement, His personal desire to ‘give us a new spirit that is faithful to Him’. To give us hearts ‘completely committed to Him.’ What a plan God has for us! with all the trouble, faults, mistakes, and sins associated with our past lives whayt do we still find it so hard to obey Him? God has taken the initiative and He is calling us to take the action required to live lives worthy of Him.

To consider ourselves worthy of such a gift and blessing we must first consider ourselves unworthy. we must count the cost of handing over everything to God, our past, our guilt, foolishness, failure, and the way we have mistreated others. I am sure there are many more character defects that have plagued our lives we must now name, give to God and claim His victory over them.

Now is the time to set in motion the kind of change in our lives that is a pre-requisite for the wonder-working change God will invoke. A time when we need to get serious about our desire to change our lives. A time when we honestly desire personal experience of God’s promised word to develop us into the people He is calling us to be. when we can do this He will intervene in our lives in ways we can only imagine. It is then a case of thanking Him, trusting Him, and accepting all He has prepared for us.

Through the process of recovery, our old spirit is exposed: a spirit of rebellion, corruption, contradiction. A spirit that needs to be expelled. Somertime bad news in our lives is positive but painful. To enjoy the miracle of a new spirit within us God is always willing and waiting for us to accept.

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