2022 | Thought for Today | Day Fifty-Three

Joshua 24:15  “If you are unwilling to obey the Lord, then decide today whom you will obey, as for me and my family, we will serve the Lord.”

There is a fairly common resentment in this life against established management or lawful supervision. Those who fight management, supervision, law, and order often oppose those given the positions of management, supervision, and leadership. often keen to assert themselves and their own opinions and beliefs as the correct ways of thinking and acting. Relishing in attaining the top-dog position, sometimes relishing in bully tactics. Some becoming standover men and women!

In my own life, pre-recovery there were times in my life when manipulation of people and circumstances was an important part of my character.

People om positions of authority and leadership are normally targets for criticism. Being volatile in abuse and outspoken with derogatory remarks can boost the ego temporarily but seldom satisfies the soul. We risk much if we choose to be over-indulgent in the use of criticism and fault finders. Those who are constantly running down others are sure to include everyone who is not them as a target sooner or later.

We can be ruled from within by our own sinful nature. Whilst detesting the bossiness of others we can fail to see character defects in ourselves that put us on a par with them. If we allow it our own demons can control every area of our lives if we let them, What incites these inward emotions and incites this radical behavior in us? Are we allowing wrong motives and insecurities in who we are to pressure us to give in to our self-will and selfish desires? Is it time to take an honest, hard look at our own character and do whatever God tells us to do to improve how we treat others?

There is one True Higher Power and His name is Jesus Christ. He came to save us from the sin of criticism of others, gossip, resentment, and pretense and he wants to help us to respect those in authority and leadership, and support them as we learn to live His way of #LivingLifeRecovery

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