The Promised Rescuer

He rescues you from hidden traps, shields you from deadly hazards.

Psalm 91:3 in the authorized version uses the word ‘snare’ rather than trap. The noose carefully placed, the apparatus deliberately set, the wires carefully camouflaged, Positioned for the purpose of ensnaring and capturing. Often people who have ceased using their drug of choice will talk about the sudden impulse to return to heir old haunts. Testifying to the traps of old ways of thinking, acting and reacting, Even when they know better.

Today I encourage each person reading this to get a pen and a piece of paper and make a list of the things can trap you into relapse. Awareness of them will help you to deal with them if and when they arise. Secondly list the things that could snare your spiritually and stunt your spiritual growth as you travel the road to recovery. If you retain this list, no doubt you will want to add too it as your progress in your spiritual journey. Hidden dangers can be unexpected, little things can trip us up if we are not prepared for them.

Step Ten talks about taking ‘continued daily inventory’ When thigs are going well we can be vulnerable to traps and snares.

It is encouraging for us to be boosted daily by the Word of God. He is on a rescue mission, alert to things that we can’t see, both good and bad. He offers to keep us from falling if we allow Him to hold onto us firmly, so we are not trapped or caught unawares.

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