Living a life of purpose..

Why do you do what you do? An important question for us all. One which I have been asked a number of times and only just this week. It took me a couple of minutes to think about the answer. Because I hadn’t considered it for a while. The answer I gave is this “my life has a God-given purpose, it is present in my job, present in my ministry, present in my relationships, present in all I say and do” it is this. ‘To use my life experience to glorify God and encourage others to get to know Him’. Simple but not always easy.

I then asked the person who posed the question this question. ‘Are you homeless because you are an addict or are you an addict because you are homeless?’ They couldn’t answer the question because they had never considered it. It is a question we all need to ask ourselves, regularly ‘What drives my life?’ Is it guilt? shame? anger and resentment? fear? materialism? the need or approval? or something else?

Knowing God’s purpose fo my life, makes my life simple. Everything I do is measured against it. When I was the State Manager of Family Stores in Adelaide I used to have a plaque on the wall of my office which read ‘Is what I am now doing or about to do in line with God’s purpose for my life?’ If it wasn’t then I didn’t get involved with it and I still try today to measure my actions against that question.

The answer to the question I asked the homeless person was important because it defines for them how they move forward. Are they dealing with homelessness or are they dealing with addiction? The way you resolve both is very different.

For each person reading this today I challenge you to ask yourself the question from the plaque on the wall of my office in Adelaide. When you get the answer start looking at ways to apply your daily activity to Living God’s Purpose for you.

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