#221 Bending


Proverbs 15:32 If you reject discipline, you only harm yourself; but if you listen to correction, you grow in understanding.

As we meet lifes experiences, circumstances, influences in many instances the result is we bend in submission, respect and appreciation, or we get some nasty bumps that hurt us and leave us scarred. From infancy our lives are shaped. We need come of age. To throw off the restraints of early family influences.

If we did not receive the right training in childhood for adulthood life can become very bumpy.

Living Life Recovery is about turning from misconduct, mistaken ideas and misguided adventures to God’s way of living.

It is bending to His will for our lives, knuckling down to His plan. It is a continuous program of learning, an unceasing process of eliminating wrong in our life and replacing them with right living.

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