‘No Turning Back’

After discovering my sinful habits and attitudes and confessing them,
I am now willing to let God change me

… What do you think God expects from you? Just this: Live in his presence in holy reverence, follow the road he sets out for you, love him, serve God, your God, with everything you have in you, obey the commandments and regulations of God that I’m commanding you today—live a good life. Look around you: Everything you see is God’s—the heavens above and beyond, the Earth, and everything on it. Deuteronomy 10:12-14

Often we ask, What does God expect of me?
Here Moses gives a summary that is simple in form and easy to remember.

Here are the essentials:
(1) Live in His presence (have reverence for Him).
(2) Follow the road He sets out for you.
(3) Love Him.
(4) Serve Him with everything you have in you.
(5) Obey His commandments.
(6) Live a good life.
(7) Understand everything above and beyond is His and He is your God.

Focus Verse: Deuteronomy 10:12 “Live in his presence ……… follow the road He sets out for you.”

There are people who would prefer to go back rather than do what needs to be done to achieve recovery. There are others who almost get there but give just before it is achieved. Disappointingly many people turn to God, put their faith in Him only to turn back after a short time. This is a deliberate departure from living God’s way. A backward step backsliding, backing off, and backing down.

God never goes back on His word. 2 Timothy 2:13  “Even when we are too weak to have any faith left, He remains faithful to us and will help us, for He cannot disown us who are part of Himself, and He will always carry out His promises to us.” When we give our word to God. To follow Him by letting Him lead we too should not turn back but do ‘the work’ of living in His presence and following the road He sets before us. Then and only then can we truly understand and enjoy all He has in store for us and is already doing in us.

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