30th March 2019
Passage: Psalms 17;5-8
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Psalm 17:6 My God, I call out to you because you will answer me. Listen to me. Hear my prayer.

Prayer in recovery is not optional. It is a necessity. It helps us to realize the problems. It helps us focus on solutions to change them and it helps us develop a loving, caring relationship with God where He can help us initiate the solutions.

When I commenced regular prayer, they were prayers all about my needs. Somewhere along the line, I realized God already knew what I needed and what he was providing was better than I expected.

When your prayer life stops being all about getting and more about giving amazing things start happening. I could write another book just on the amazing things God has done for me because I made myself available to Him and obeyed when He called.

Recovery requires continual prayer and alone time with God.

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