4th January 2020
Passage: 1 Corinthians 6:8-11
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During my addiction, I looked up to followed all the wrong people. My heroes were those that could drink the most, those that won the most fights, got in the most trouble. Those that just didn't care.

Early in my recovery experience that all changed! I realized being a hero has nothing to do with how macho you are or how much you abused the system. I realized being a hero had everything to do with what I believe and how committed I am to live out those beliefs in every area of my life. Recovery is about facing the truth about what I believe and how willing I am to change my beliefs when I need to.

Today's 'Discussion Starter' is about facing the truth. Our scripture today tells us living lives of abuse disqualifies from citizenship with God.  #Truth  #Abuse  #Belief

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