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Verse of The Day

Matthew 7:15 “Be wary of false preachers who smile a lot, dripping with practiced sincerity. Chances are they are out to rip you off some way or other. Don’t be impressed with charisma; look for character.”

Seize The Day!

Ephesians 5:14-21 Wake up from your sleep, Climb out of your coffins; Christ will show you the light! So watch your step. Use your head. Make the most of every chance you get. These are desperate times! Don’t live carelessly, unthinkingly. Make sure you understand what the Master […]

Everyone Deserves a Chance

Because everyone needs recovery: “Does our Law decide about a man’s guilt without first listening to him and finding out what he is doing?” Now is the time to forgive this man and help him back on his feet. If all you do is pour on the guilt, you […]

Daily Reflection, 29 June, 2016

Any group of people will have varied opinions on most things.However most of the time when asked a question they will give the answer that is expected of them not what they really think. Peter boldly, openly and rightly when pushed for an answer from Jesus said.“You’re the […]

Word for Today: REPENTANCE

REPENTANCE – regret for any past action.Answer me, God; O answer me and reveal to this people that you are God, the true God, and that you are giving these people another chance at repentance.” 1 Kings 18:37  Repentance of sin opens the way for a relationship with GodIt’s your life that must […]


As we continue in recovery and learn to trust God He opens doors for us creating opportunity to enhance our experience and lifestyle. In 1991 whilst I was the Assistant Manager of Red Shield Industries in Adelaide, South Australia the Salvation Army conducted National Alcohol Awareness week. Richard […]