You Are a Champion


The enemy’s spiritual roadblocks are set up to hinder your effectiveness and distract you with deceit, irritation, and offense. The struggle in your mind is much like a heavy-weight boxing match between Jesus, the Champion, and Satan, the pretender contender. The pretender throws the punch of sadness, the Messiah counters with joy. The bully punches with anger, and Jesus fights back with kindness. The antagonist hits with anxiety and worry, the healer responds with patience and peace. The assailant lays down temptation, and the Lord of Lords quickly strikes back with faithfulness. The knock-out punch was Jesus’ resurrection. Jesus takes off his gloves, and the match is over!

Your excuses for running to the pretender’s corner lessen as you embrace being the beloved of Jesus, who accepts you as you are. You linger in his presence a bit longer than last week. As you become more real with yourself, and others, it’s critical to reveal the little foxes you think are insignificant. They can knock you out of being the champion Jesus says you are.

Lord, I’m grateful for your victory in the boxing ring. Help me to stay in your corner for the remainder of the fight. Amen.


The Cross frees us from having to be “good,” so we can freely admit we are bad

Good and Bad
Bible Reading: Galatians 3:10-13

We made direct amends to such people wherever possible, except when to do so would injure them or others.

We may still feel like we’re basically good people. Yes, our lives may have gotten a bit out of control, but the good we’ve done surely outweighs the bad. Maybe we don’t need to turn our lives over to Jesus Christ and accept him as our Savior. Perhaps we can just make amends for the wrongs we’ve done and do our best to be good in the future. Then everything will be fine.

Maybe not! The Bible doesn’t say that God weighs our good deeds out against our bad. Here’s what God says: “For the person who keeps all of the laws except one is as guilty as a person who has broken all of God’s laws” (James 2:10). “‘Cursed is everyone who does not observe and obey all the commands that are written in God’s Book of the Law.’ So it is clear that no one can be made right with God by trying to keep the law. For the Scriptures say, ‘It is through faith that a righteous person has life’” (Galatians 3:10-11). “For the wages of sin is death, but the free gift of God is eternal life through Christ Jesus our Lord” (Romans 6:23).

The Bible makes it clear that if we reject Jesus Christ’s payment for our sins, we will have to pay the debt ourselves. The only acceptable payment is death. Not even a lifetime of our good deeds is enough to make amends for the bad deeds we’ve done, no matter how few they may be

2016 Day 141


Bible Reading: 1 Corinthians 10:12-23

Focus Verse You are tempted in the same way all other human beings are. God is faithful. He will not let you be tempted any more than you can take. But when you are tempted, God will give you a way out so that you can stand up under it

Step One: – I admit that my life is a mess and  I am out of control.

    John 16:33I have told you these things, so that you can have peace because of me. In this world you will have trouble. But cheer up! I have won the battle over the world.”

    1 Corinthians 10:13 You are tempted in the same way all other human beings are. God is faithful. He will not let you be tempted any more than you can take. But when you are tempted, God will give you a way out so that you can stand up under it.

    1 Corinthians 10:23 “Everything is permitted.” But not everything is good for us. Again you say, “Everything is permitted.” But not everything builds us up.

 Temptation doesn’t stop being a problem for us because we make a choice to change. We are tempted because we are human and our nature is sinful.


God gives us a choice in recovery to choose to give in to temptation or follow Him.

2016 Day 130

Ephesians 1:3 Give praise to the God and Father of our Lord Jesus Christ. He has blessed us with every spiritual blessing. Those blessings come from the heavenly world. They belong to us because we belong to Christ.

I have a lot of stories I can and do tell people about what God has don, is doing and will do in my life.  What a privilege.

He does them because “I belong to Him.”  and so do you, whether you recobise it or acknowledge it. I am sitting here litening to a song which says “Greater things are yet to come, greater things are still to be done in this City” Why? because  “there is no ne like my God.’

Today because of my personal relationship with Jesus and my experience of Him intervening in my life I want to “Give praise to the God and Father of our Lord Jesus Christ. He has blessed me with every spiritual blessings from the heavenly world”

I was broken and He fixed me. I was lost and He found me. I had nothing and because of Him, today I have everything I need to live my life according to His purpose.

2016 Day 121

Isaiah 41:10 Do not be afraid. I am with you. Do not be terrified. I am your God. I will make you strong and help you. My powerful right hand will take good care of you. I always do what is right.

I have watched more people walk away from recovery than have completed it, all because of ‘fear of the unknown.’

We have all heard the saying ‘it’s better the devil you know.’

I want to tell you it isn’t. Recovery is a scary and sometimes thankless process. I want to tell you today, having spent many years in recovery. It is worth it.

Do not quit! The smallest step forward is still a step in the right direction. I heard many years ago the slogan: ‘You only fail when you stop trying’ So just keep moving forward and I promise you – It will get better.


In what ways has your recovery been worth it?

Lord help me today to keep moving forward.

2016 Day 99

IMG_0661Now, let me ask you something profound yet troubling. If you became believers because you trusted the proclamation that Christ is alive, risen from the dead, how can you let people say that there is no such thing as a resurrection?  1 Corinthians 15:12

If Jesus did not die and rise from the dead we could not have celebrated Easter! Scriptures would be worng and could not be trusted. The Christian Church would be without it’s foundations, and our faith would be empty and void. If Jesus did not conquer sin and death our chance of recovery and transformation futile.

But He did, let Heaven rejoice and the saints shout ‘HALLELUJAH’  – JESUS IS ALIVE! and He is accessible to us. The first fruit of His resurrection  an enabling of our recovery from the depths of doom and despair.

By stepping forth from our addictions and compulsions  we are turned  by a resurrection power that flows through us from the living Lord Jesus Christ.