2015–Day 47

When I refused to confess my sin,
my body wasted away, and I groaned all day long. Finally, I confessed all my sins to you and stopped trying to hide my guilt. I said to myself, “I will confess my rebellion to the Lord.” And you forgave me! All my guilt is gone. For you are my hiding place; you protect me from trouble. You surround me with songs of victory. Psalm 32:3,5,7

Experience: When I got serious about recovery and correcting the mistakes of my past I was surprised at how forgiving and accommodating people were. Most of them had been waiting and hoping I would STOP! and get well. Whilst this surprised me I was still not confident that God would forgive me. I knew what was in my heart and didn’t believe I deserved another chance at setting my life straight (I had a lot of them)

Strength: Not only did God forgive me but He empowered me to live  a life over and above anything I could have ever imagined. He became my hiding place and He protected me from trouble, long enough for me to get strong enough to face up to my past and do what I needed to do to move forward. I will never forget the relief I felt when I confessed my sin to God and committed my life to living for Him,

Hope: I want to see Jesus lifted high in the hearts and minds of everyone in my circle of influence in order that this world we live in will become a safer and better place to live and no one misses out on the opportunity to change their lives and live in relationship with God’s Holy Spirit.

Day 364 – 30th December 2013

fb new year crest


As the year 2013 draws to an end I am reminded. as I am at most new years of my Scottish heritage.

Above the door in my house hangs the plaque on the left. Which includes the Boyle family crest and motto ‘Dominus Providebit’, which translated says ‘The Lord will provide,’

This year I want to add to it the tartan on the right, in obedience to the scripture in Exodus 20 that says “Honor your father and your mother, so that you may live long in the land the Lord your God is giving you.”

The Morrison Hunting Ancient tartan in honor of my Papa (Grand father) Archie Morrison. Who no matter how many times I messed up was always there to support and encourage me.

The Boyle Family Crest in honor of my Dad (Edward Boyle) whom I lost contact with when he and Mum divorced when i was young but was reunited with when he came to Australia dying of cancer. For all the years of separation one thing I was always confident. My Dad loved me…

The Boyle Family Motto in honor of my heavenly Father who provided and opportunity to overcome my addictions and compulsions and continues to provide in my life opportunities for me and mine to love and serve Him.

And, lastly but in no way least my Mum. who has been my rock all through my life. I have memories of New years eve’s; dressed and waiting for ‘The Bells’ with a glass of Ginger Wine and Shortbread and the Celebration that began as the Bagpipes played ‘Auld lang Syne’ and led to a period of catching up with family and friends, who you may not have seen all year. Yet, you knew from a young age ‘New Year’ is important. A time to reminisce about underachieved goals and plan to do better in the opportunities of the year ahead.

I love my Scottish heritage! and I love my Family!

This year as the New Year rings in it is my prayer we will all take time to remember where we came from and use it to live better, wherever we are.

Spiritual Nourishment

“I’ve been married for 22 years today. In that time my wife has cooked around 24,000 meals. But, for the life of me, I cannot recall the entire menu for a single one of those meals. But I do know this… They all nourished me and gave me the strength I needed to do my work. If my wife had not given me these meals, I would be physically dead today. Likewise, if I had not gone to church for nourishment, I would be spiritually dead today!”

Faith sees the invisible, believes the incredible and receives the impossible!

Thank God for our physical and our spiritual nourishment and for introducing me to Karen.!

God as a Heavenly Father

Today at Belgrave South Baptist Church Pastor Andrew Fisher spoke about looking at the characteristics of ‘God our Heavenly Father.

The message today made me think about my characteristics as ‘Dad, the earthly Father.’ I can say to anyone of my three children “Guess what” and they will each reply “I know Dad you love me.” They know that because I like to tell them as often as I can.

Today I found myself asking myself “do they really know it?” “would I want me as a Father.” I need to answer honestly -SOMETIME.

Today at Belgrave South Baptist Church God challenged me to make sure when I ask that question in future to my three wonderful children to make sure they understand what it means to love them unconditionally, constantly no matter what they do, say or become as they move from childhood to adulthood.

When you tell your kid’s you love them, do they believe you and understand what it means?

Recovery has nothing to do with becoming employable

Why is it when someone comes to recovery, does well and manages to secure a job the world pats them on the back and says “Well done! you have obviously got it.” Everyone flocks to be their friend and cash in on their good fortune. Then when they make a mistake everyone steps back and says “I knew that would happen”

Ephesians 6:7-8 says “Do your work, and be happy to do it. Work as though it is the Lord you are serving, not just an earthly master. Remember that the Lord will give everyone a reward for doing good. Everyone, slave or free, will get a reward for the good things they do.”

In these verses Paul is encouraging responsibility and integrity. Characteristics we should all strive for. Whether we have a job are unemployed or on some other form of income, living in a mansion or in a cardboard box on the street. Our main aim in life should be to please God not people.

1 Thessalonians 5:11  Encourage each other and help each other grow stronger in faith, just as you are already doing.

There are times in all of our lives when we don’t make the grade. Times when we feel discouraged and unworthy. In those times it is important we be there for each other, not necessarily materially but spiritually. We can learn a lot about recovery from those we see walking the recovery road day by day.

Thought for Today – Archie Boyle

John 1:41 The first thing he [Andrew] did after finding where Jesus lived was find his own brother, Simon, telling him, “We’ve found the Messiah.”

When we have ‘Good News’ we want to share it with those closest to us. But, we don’t! Usually the hardest people to share faith with is our own family members. I’m not sure why that is.

I have three younger brothers and an older sister I love dearly. Just knowing they are there (even though we live far away from each other) makes life that bit easier to bare on a day to day basis.

At church fellowship this morning I got a call from Mum in W.A. saying my brother in London had had a stroke. Immediately my heart sunk, as memories of him and I went through my mind. All the times we have faced life together. Rose Tattoo’s song ‘We can’t be beaten.’ our anthem of facing and overcoming life’s troubles in ‘brotherhood.’

Straight away I jumped on the phone to ring him and spent time updating each other on how life is treating us.

He did have a mini stroke, has been put on medication and needs to see the doctor on Tuesday but for now he is fine. And for that I thank God! I’m not sure how I would cope without him there.

He’s my best mate, closest ally and strongest critic.

Who in your life should you be sharing the ‘Good News’ with but are not?