Saturday 18th June 2011

We are all influenced by our environment. We become like those we mix with. It is easy to do the wrong thing if we spend to much time with people who have no moral boundaries. Frequent mixing with them will lead to us thinking and acting as they […]

Friday 17th June 2011

There are times in our lives when we feel we are just not getting anywhere and then something happens to change our minds. I had such a day today. There is a couple I work with. When I first met them they were homeless, living under a bridge […]

Recovery requires radical change …

As we move in recovery circles, week in, week out we grow. Sometimes our growth is noticeable straight away and sometimes it takes time to surface. Recovery requires radical life change, there is no doubt about it. We have to change our actions our attitudes, our values and beliefs. […]

Balance – Acrostic

BUILDING BOUNDARIES Mortals have a limited life span. You’ve already decided how long we’ll live— you set the boundary and no one can cross it. Job 14:5 ACKNOWLEDGING NEED I’m letting you know what I need, calling out for help Psalm 28:2 Don’t turn your back on me […]

Why are you here?

William Booth, the founder of the Salvation Army began its social work because ‘men slept out all night on bridges’. He saw a need and took action to meet it. In 2011 in Melbourne men, women and children still sleep in parks, in cars and under bridges. I […]

Hope for the Helpless

When we recognise our powerlessness over our problems it pits us in a place of great opportunity. In a place where we become open-minded and open-hearted and available to the leading of God in our lives. In His hands our success is defined by His power and that is a great […]


Whoever wants to be most important among you will be a slave for everyone. It’s the same way with the Son of Man. He didn’t come so that others could serve him. He came to serve and to give his life as a ransom for many people. Mark […]

Short-term relief

Alcohol and drugs are only temporary relief from life. Real relief comes through dealing with the causes of our sin and anguish and turning to God for peace and relief. Do not lose yourself in addiction – find yourself in God, (Proverbs 23:29-30)