Be prepared to share

All of our talents can be used to make a contribution to God. Remember God draws on our unique talents to draw others to himself through us May this God of peace prepare you to do every good thing he wants. May he work in us through Jesus […]

Recovery leads to good conduct

It is easy to think of recovery in the terms of ‘to stop using’. Prior to coming to the ‘Bridge Program’ I spent time in a rehab in Western Australia and attended A.A. Meetings regularly. But that was all I did -,’stopped using’. I did nothing about stopping […]

Healthy Relationships

Our hope for a lasting, growing future must involve healthy relationships. With God and with others. Without healthy relationships lasting, growing recovery is impossible.

Scared of Scars

Many of us have been impaired by alcohol or drugs. Some will carry the damage permanently. We shall be wise not to magnify our afflictions too much, or they will rule us. Instead of magnifying our weaknesses we must learn to magnify the Lord. This is a good […]

What are you doing for Easter?

Luke 23:20-21 Pilate still wanted to let Jesus go, and so spoke out again. But they kept shouting back,”Crucify! Crucify him!” How would you feel? Sentencing an innocent man to the death penalty by the inhumane method of crucifixion just to satisfy the crowd? Pilate didn’t want to […]

Am I Enough?

Do I depend on God for my sense of adequacy? For the task of representing Christ “Am I enough”. For the position of head of my household “Am I enough?”. To live out God’s purpose “Am I enough?” The answer on my own “NO” but with Christ a […]

Palm Sunday

This morning as I attended Church at Belgrave South Baptist Pastor Andrew shared the story of Palm Sunday. As I pondered this very special part of the Easter story I thought ‘how would I relate that to now?’ PREDICTION Zechariah 9:9 Rejoice, O people of Zion! Shout in […]

Getting it right

The way we treat those closest to us is important. Our spouses, children and other family members usually experience the worst of our behaviour when we are feeling unwell or under pressure. One of the things I am most aware of at present in my life is how […]