I Need To Learn To Speak Up!

Proverbs 10:14  A wise man holds his tongue. Only a fool blurts out everything he knows.


I have been told on a number of occasions by a number of different people I need to learn to speak up more. There are times when I feel I know answers to questions, solutions to problems, not because of my own wisdom but through Holy Spirit intervention and I say nothing. The scripture above says “a wise man holds his tongue.” The trouble I find and I feel others may find is when we should speak up we are conspicuously absent.

Learning the art of when to speak and what to say and when to stay silent is a life-long process. Self-control, even with words involves relying on God to teach us when to speak and when to be quiet.

2 Peter 1:21 “Prophecy resulted when the Holy Spirit prompted men and women to speak God’s Word.” Speaking the truth with conviction in life is impressive. What we say reveals who we are. Taming our tongues requires divine assistance. Even though there are times when I feel I should say something and don’t I feel very blessed in the times when God prompts me to open my mouth and when I do He speaks through me.

My prayer today is that I will be bolder in my sharing the ‘Love of God’ with others when He prompts me to do so.

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