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4o Days of Recovery ~ Day 37

The Mission Field is Where You Are       Bible Reading: Luke 10:1-20 Focus Verse: Luke 10:20  “The great triumph is not in your authority over evil but in God’s authority over you and presence with you. Not what you do for God but what God does […]

Jesus Heals

Mark 2:9-11 I, the Messiah, have the authority on earth to forgive sins. But talk is cheap—anybody could say that. So I’ll prove it to you by healing this man.” Then, turning to the paralyzed man, he commanded, “Pick up your stretcher and go on home, for you […]

Abdication of Responsibilty

Back in the Garden of Eden, trouble began. It started when a man abdicated his responsibility. Adam gave Eve what she wanted. He was supposed to be the initiator, the protector, the ruler. The poor man succumbed to eve, laid back comfortable and allowed her to dictate the […]

#23-The Bible Isn’t Scary

Psalms 34:18 The Lord is close to those whose hearts have been broken. He saves those whose spirits have been crushed.  There are verses in the Bible that concern me when I first read them. That’s why the Bible needs to be investigated and not just read. This […]

Daily Reflection July 22, 2016

John 4:42 “We no longer believe just because of what you said. We have now heard for ourselves. We know that this man really is the Savior of the world.” We are slow to believe that which if believed would hurt our feelings. – Ovid In the process of […]