Do What Is Good


Romans 15:2 We should all please our neighbours. Let us do what is good for them. Let us build them up.

God expects us to be loving towards our neighbours. In Luke 10 in the Bible Jesus tells us the two greatest commands are to love God and love our neighbours.

When it comes to loving others we can often justify how why we feel that way. Or we can convince ourselves they are not really my neighbours. Our neighbours according to God is anyone who is in need. Loving them means acting towards them in ways that meet their needs and not to put hurdles in front of them

We all have problems, and all have needs this tells me that God wants us to love everybody. That doesn’t mean love and approve everything they do. We all need God’s help to love others and we all need God’s help to do what is good for them.


  • What are you doing to help others?

Why Recovery

What Others See


2 Thessalonians 2:5 Don’t you remember me going over all this in detail when I was with you? Are your memories that short?

logo_transparent_bg“I hope I am around when you get serious about recovery.

In ‘Serenity Lodge’ in 1987, when I was 23 and had been in recovery just a couple of months, I was called into the Superintendents office. I was playing games and he knew it. I went there expecting reprimand because he knew what I was up to. Instead, he invited me to become a volunteer leader on the programme leading Twelve Step Groups. I agreed and as I left his office he said to me “I hope I am around when you get serious about recovery, it will be worth watching.”

You know back then, I laughed when I heard that. But thinking about it now I wonder; what do others see when they look at me? What did that Superintendent see that I didn’t see or understand?  At 23 I began a journey people wait all their lives to get on. In my recovery life, I have been given more opportunities than most people. At a young age, early in recovery, I was introduced to leading recovery groups an opportunity to make a difference and an opportunity to change my life. It wasn’t till I was 25 and had created more havoc I actually began to take the process seriously and apply what I had taught so many others.

Every day I thank God for the opportunities He has given me, is giving me and will give me. Today I think entry into the recovery process with God’s help and guidance is the greatest opportunity any of us are given to obtain life transformation and productive living.

When people look at you what do the see?

Spiritual Foundations


4oDaysBible Reading: Luke 6:46-49
Focus Verse: Luke 6:49
“If you just use my words in Bible studies and don’t work them into your life, you are like a dumb carpenter who built a house but skipped the foundation. When the swollen river came crashing in, it collapsed like a house of cards. It was a total loss.”

Living Life Recovery helps to build SPIRITUAL FOUNDATIONS
Obedience to God is like building our lives on strong, solid foundations. Through lives of addiction and dependencies we never really paid much attention to the foundations of our lives. We were happy to ‘Go with the flow’ Often we let other people define our foundations for living (as long as we had a good time)

Failing to build good foundations in recovery leads to destruction. I have said before and will say it again I am sure “People who fail in recovery fail because they don’t plan not to.” I have seen people time and time again enter programs and rehabs and whilst in there obey all the rules and make all the right decisions. Then, they get to the end of the designated process time and fall in a heap. Usually, because they have not considered what they will do at the end. They have not put any supports in place for moving forward because, and this happens more than occasionally they never really expected to make it to the end or they just assumed someone else had planned their ongoing support.

Jesus said in John 16:33 “In this godless world you will continue to experience difficulties. But take heart! I’ve conquered the world.” The reality is all of us, regardless of how well we have travelled or are currently travelling in recovery experience difficulties. If it was easy everyone would be doing it and we wouldn’t value it.

Step Three says “I am making a decision to let God help me change and commit to working with Him to do so.” This decision is the most important decision we make in our recovery when it comes to setting solid foundations. I’ve made a decision to let God lead. Where He leads I will follow and no matter how good or how bad things appear to get for the rest of my life I will follow Him. This is challenging for all of us but after 30+ years in the recovery process I can tell you from experience His way is always the right way, not always the easiest but always right. Prayer and meditation are important foundations of the recovery process as is ‘Seeking God’s will for my life.” You have all probably heard the saying ‘If you aim at nothing that’s what you’ll get.’ Recovery requires a lot of self-discipline. There will be times in the ‘difficulties’ Jesus talked about where it will seem easier to go back than to persevere or move forward. At these times it is important to remember the commitment we made to let God lead and to work with Him in the process of character change.
The best foundation we have in recovery is Jesus Christ, the One True Higher Power. Our recovery will only be as strong as our ‘Spiritual Foundations’ The cornerstone of our recovery, therefore, needs to have solid spiritual grounding. Where better to receive solid spiritual grounding than at the feet of Jesus. Everything we do in life must fit into His pattern of doing things.

Two ways to destroy our recovery going forward are through tampering with the foundations or using inferior materials. It is important for us in the recovery process to find a good support group, attend it, get involved in it and find a good Sponsor. It is important we read ‘God’s Manual’ for Spiritual Living (THE BIBLE) regularly, meditate on it and apply it on a daily basis to our lives. It is important we are in constant relationship with The Holy Spirit in order to understand God’s will for our lives and gain His strength to do whatever He is calling us to do. Jesus said The Friend, the Holy Spirit whom the Father will send at my request, will make everything plain to you. Foundationally the best thing any of us can do in recovery and in life is getting into a relationship with the Holy Spirit in order to better understand ourselves, God and others so we can move forward in recovery and achieve all He has set before us.