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Thought for Today – Archie Boyle

Nehemiah 1:1-4 In late autumn or the twentieth year of King Artaxerxes reign, I was at the fortress if Susa. Hanani, one of my brothers, came to visit me with some other men who had just arrived from Judah. I asked them about the Jews who had survived captivity […]

Thought for Today – Archie Boyle

Colossians 2:6 You accepted Christ Jesus as Lord, so continue to live following him. There is no gain without pain. Once we have wrestled with the agony of loss of friends and everything belonging to our addictive and compulsive life style we can start living the positive thinking program. God […]

Thought for Today – Archie Boyle

Isaiah 55:2 Why spend money on what is not bread? Today’s thought is about wise management of our money. We will benefit financially by ceasing to spend money on our addictions. We can choose to either strategically put this added income to good effect or to waste it on […]

Thought for Today – Archie Boyle

Psalm 119:125 I’m your servant—help me understand what that means, the inner meaning of your instructions. It’s time to act, God When tempted to relapse we should turn to God and ask Him to help us to do what is right. He wants us to recover from our hurts, hang-ups and habits […]

Thought for Today – Archie Boyle

Jesus Christ evokes many images in the minds of people. Some picture Him as a baby in a manger—the Christ of Christmas. Others picture Him as a child, perhaps living in the home of a carpenter or confounding the religious leaders of Jerusalem. Many picture Him as a […]

Feeling abandoned by God

Read Matthew 27:37-46 In this passage as we approach Easter we see Jesus asking His Father “why?” at this the worst part of my journey have you turned your back on me. The answer Jesus became sin, by acceptance of the worlds sin, our sin and God could […]

Realise that problems are inevitable

Today I am on afternoon shift on the ‘Street Outreach Van’ in Melbourne CBD. One of the things that happens on my afternoon shift days is I get to experience the family preparation for the upcoming day. This morning I was standing at the sink washing the dishes (doesn’t happen […]

Learn to thank Him and trust Him

It is normal to welcome good news. Only abnormal, mentally unbalanced people fail to be affected by something good that is announced or addressed in personal terms. God could not have offered anything more or exciting or far-reaching than when He announced His personal desire to “put a […]

Outreach tonight

Tonight I am again out on the streets of Melbourne on The Salvation Army’s ‘street Outreach Van’ and I need to say what a privilege it is. I love my job, not as a job but as a God-given-Mission to reach out to others. And yes, before I go I […]

Higher Power concept

Ever since the world began humans have recognised a need for the existence of a Higher Power. The One True Higher Power has reached down to reveal Himself, not leaving it to nature to display shadows of the Almighty. In the old Testament He revealed Himself through shadow appearances projected […]