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4o Days of Recovery – Day 9

  Bible Reading: Matthew 4:18-20 Focus Verse: Matthew 4:19 These men already knew Jesus. He had talked to Peter and Andrew previously (John 1:35-42) and had been preaching in the area. When Jesus called them, they knew what kind of man He was and were willing to follow […]

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http://tinyurl.com/ybj7qft4 Living Life Recovery is a safe place where people can come, share and investigate the realities of God’s promises for themselves. We believe that as we investigate God’s promises for our lives and practice the ‘Spiritual Principles of Recovery’ as outlined in ‘God’s Word’we will find the strength and freedom we need […]

2015 – Day 13

Don’t lie for your own gain. Deuteronomy 19:14 Don’t move your neighbor’s boundary markers, the longstanding landmarks set up by your pioneer ancestors defining their property. God allows us to experience low points in our lives in order for us to learn life’s lessons. The way we learn […]