Don’t Jump to The Wrong Conclusions


“Follow the evidence to where it leads, even if the conclusion is uncomfortable.” 
― Steven James

Strange how quickly people jump to the wrong conclusions. And how many times they are proven wrong.  Our conclusions are generally arrived at by our own experiences, beliefs, and feelings. Instead of following our own knowledge, understandings and feelings we need to learn to examine all the evidence before we arrive at our conclusions on life’s issues.






John 2:5 His mother said to the servants, “Whatever He says to you, do it.”

logo_transparent_bg“The Christian religion never could have started with the kind of loyalty people give today.” David Zwerner Another way of saying commitment is often lacking. God calls for total commitment. “Whatever He says, do it” No half measures; no putting aside disliked commands. It is very much a case of ALL or nothing. Strangely enough, those who launched the Christian Church we not previously successful not did they understand a lot about Jesus. Three years with Him did not see them mature greatly. But in the qualifying period, it was obedience that effected their baptism into the Holy Spirit, that transformed them.

Commitment is foundational to sound human relationships. We all depend on it; commitment implies dependability. When we can depend on someone else it means so much to us.

We need to develop relationships in which others can depend on us. Commitment is when a fireman attends a fire in the middle of the night when a nurse responds immediately to the buzzer when a policeman drops everything to respond to the cries of a small child. Commitment means that voucher will be honoured, that when we flick the switch the light will come on.  Commitment is costly, it is personal. No one can take my place or substitute for me. Resurgence from our problems begins and continues when we commit our lives to God, yielding completely to Him.